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Manuka Honey Tea Recipe

Looking for a simple Manuka Honey Tea recipe that soothes the sole while soothing the throat? Enjoy this tea daily for general well-being or use at as your cold and flue remedy. This delicious recipe contains our Pure Young Australian Manuka Honey, Lemon and fresh ginger. Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C which helps with your immune system but is also antibacterial and antiviral. Surprising to most, it also alkaline's the body helping bring your body back to its natural PH

Are you suffering from spring allergies?

It’s spring!! Bring on the sunshine, new growth, flowers and lots and lots of pollen. This is my favourite time of year, the birds are singing and I can smell the jasmine in the air however, the winds pick up and so does the hay fever. Common causes of hay fever are sensitivity to pollen found in trees, plants and grass. This can be particularly heightened during this time of year as pollen particles are released for plant pollination. Symptoms can be sore, itchy throat, bloc