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Australian Manuka Honey Association

We are proud to be part of the AMHA- Australian Manuka Honey Association. This association has been set up to protect the quality and integrity of our Australian Manuka Honey industry.

Pure Fine Foods only uses quality, Pure Australian Manuka Honey completely free from any adulteration.

"Some of the most powerful Manuka

honey in the world comes from Australia.

Australia is the original home of the

Manuka plant, and we have many more

varieties than anywhere else in the world.

Australia is free of Varroa – so our bees

are naturally healthier and we don’t use

miticides in our hives, unlike all other

beekeeping countries. So we produce

pure, clean Manuka honey, naturally."


You read more about the AMHA in the link provided

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Indian subcontinent in the years was popular for delivering the nectar in mass amount and that was the single greatest source they like to import and fare that thing around the globe. The introduced different ways with all the people for producing that thing in the home country.

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